Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ngintip pengantin baru - Cerita dewasa

Ngintip pengantin baru - Cerita dewasa Men are more vulnerable to get caught up in the shadow of a former lover than women. Based on recent studies, one in four men often dream about a former lover.

Not only the ex-lovers who often dreamed them. At night, the men have a tendency to imagine co-workers or superiors. As many as 26% of respondents claimed to dream of colleagues, even their in-laws.

Conversely, women are more able to forget her former lover. More than one third of British women surveyed, his mind filled with visions of his girlfriend now, parents or children.

The results obtained after the Premier Inn, Britain's biggest hotel company asked more than 2,000 people about their dream patterns. The study itself is called The Dream Study.

From the study also found that the friendly relations between women are also often influence their dreams. Approximately 1 / 3 women said that his friends often appear in their dreams.

While 20% of respondents, often dream of people who claimed they have never met, they do not even know. Levels of stress and pressures of everyday life can also affect the dream, with 31% of people dream of working on important things that they have not been completed in the real world.

Broadly speaking, about 20% of people will experience a dream more often when they are under pressure. In that sense, they are hard to not think about work even in sleep though.

"The dream is one part of life that we can not control. Although in the real world we rarely see a certain person, they can still appear in a dream with a frequency that often," explains Claire High, a spokesman for Premier Inn, as quoted by the Daily Mail .

Experts Dabina MacKail dream analyzer adds, "Dreams help us learn, develop and process emotions. So it is not strange if we are more frequent nightmares and dreaming of a problem, because in our subconscious minds we are still trying to find a solution."

Regarding the results of the study, concluded that women are more open in their romance so often dreamed of a current relationship with her boyfriend. While men tend to bury emotions so that the problem with a previous affair was still going on in my mind and often come out in dreams.

"This means he has a tendency to solve problems through their dreams. It could also reflect the fragility and insecurity that they experience from the current relationship," added Davina.