Friday, July 29, 2011

Cerita Dewasa Nikmatnya Memek Perawan

Cerita Dewasa Nikmatnya Memek Perawan Mystery letter of resignation from the House of Muhammad Nazaruddin is now more clear. The letter that was suddenly lying on the workbench House Speaker Marzuki Alie Nuril it was made ​​by Anwar, a former staff Nazaruddin.

It is recognized Nuril when meeting with AFP on Friday (07/29/2011). According Nuril, his former boss had asked him to make a letter of resignation from Parliament on 19 July via BlackBerry Messenger Cerita Dewasa Nikmatnya Memek Perawan(BBM).

"He (Nazaruddin) asked me to make a backward letter July 19, then I make it on July 20," said Nuril.

Nuril also stated, Nazaruddin signature on the letter of resignation was genuine. Only the signature is not directly affixed man who is now a suspect in a bribery Kemenpora it.

"So he's signature is scanned, the file already exists on the computer. Nazaruddin Personal Assistant (Eva) who hold his signature file, I told him to wear it," the story Nazaruddin Nuril who have known it since 2008.

After the resignation letter is printed, one of the other staff Nazaruddin, named Harman, drove him to the Administration (TU) House of Representatives. So the letter was not delivered directly to the room or desk Marzuki Alie.

"Harman nganter to TU," said Nuril. After the business letter of resignation is complete, Nuril also decided to resign from the staff Nazaruddin. The resignation Nuril also performed on July 20.

"I stepped back July 20th as well, so once Mr. Nazar withdraw from the House so I resign," said Nuril.

Previously Chairman of the House Marzuki Alie said Nazaruddin have sent a letter of resignation as a member of the House. Marzuki claimed not to know anything about how the letter could get to his desk. Now the letter has been submitted to the fraction of PD for processing and then legalized.

Nazaruddin himself has confirmed about the letter. But now Nazaruddin whereabouts is not known for sure it did not explain further about the letter. But she made sure the signatures in his original Cerita Dewasa Nikmatnya Memek Perawan letter.

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