Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Titi Kamal Bugil Telanjang Kelihatan Toket

Titi Kamal Bugil Telanjang Kelihatan Toket If the name Kurniaty Kamalia, arguably hardly familiar in the ears of the homeland. But it is different if the name of Titi Kamal, it's hard for us to say "guns know ...". His face graced the screen a lot of glass, magazines, tabloid entertainment, online, even up to a billboard ad that stands firmly on the side streets of the capital. Gait career in the entertainment world Titi diawalinya when aged 14 years, and has chalked a lot of achievements. Women's 169 cm tall, was once played in the film WHAT'S WITH LOVE, and play in the soap opera LOVE CHILD CAMPUS, Chanda, and Pura Pura Blind. Name Titi Kamal getting bounced when she sang Jablay who had a hit. Because of its commitment as an actress, Titi just sing the song specifically for the film Suddenly Dangdut, and never show or sing the song to look elsewhere. Currently, Titi is apparently expanding into duna pull votes. Some of his singles had been released, as evidence that Titi is serious in doing something. Last Friday (07/18/2011) ® have the opportunity to lunch with my Titi Kamal at Cuppa Coffee, Points Square, Pondok Indah, while chatting about the new single, which is planned soon to be release soon. And it turns out Titi is the type of person who is very humble.

Alone this is a remix single, Titi Kamal Bugil Telanjang Kelihatan Toket yes, more toward pop, but there's little touch of jazz, because they do not want to be too much different than previous ones. The single has a unique story, which was still going on tuh-release rather than the single, there is one single that already ready EDAR, but eventually pulled back, perhaps because there are considerations of the producer is also yes. Alone Perhaps this is much more interesting times yes.

The story is about a girl who want disayangin who do not want dikhianatin, the standard was like most women do not want dikhianatin want to be loved. The girl better himself wrote that her boyfriend had this same tetep he did not care. So her boyfriend is really cool as the girl, her boyfriend is a workaholic type really, or perhaps more excited as her friends, her story is so much tuh.

But the lyric itself not serious?

Mean it. Quite sad really and so deep. If previously I was more nuanced cheerful songs, more mellow now finally try aja. Pretty fun anyway so do not wait too waiting for him, because there are also acting for music videos so later.

Create Titi, what the heck it was singing?

It was hell excited for sure. Because we do not know whether people enjoy hearing me sing. Also exciting are also still able to entertain many people and there is a certain satisfaction, as I did before a lot in acting, and acting that's brought the character of others, turn the other characters, not the character I am. But here I must be myself, yes, so it must have more self aja. From the year 2008 yesterday, the first album until now, I still like looking for identity, has not met clicks. All genres, ranging from R & B until rather the beat, trus sampe to pop too I cobain. So now slowly starting to Titi Kamal Bugil Telanjang Kelihatan Toket know him where.

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